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  • Grow your local community and your local network
  • Meet new people and make new friends right in your neighborhood!
  • Improve your neighborhood’s communication
  • Invite your neighbors to join and encourage online discussion
  • Join as a LocalBlox affiliate and earn commissions from ad sales
  • Help your neighbors & local non-profit groups
  • You’ll be helping your neighbors, earning their respect and gratitude. You may even receive rewards (such as discounts and special offers) from local merchants!
  • Make your neighborhood a happier place to live, which benefits you and your neighbors!

Ambassador testimonials:

  • Kathy, Stay at Home Mom
  • Kelly, Student

Become a LocalBlox Ambassador

We Dream... We Live, for a Safe, Charitable, and Prosperous Community
Do you complain about the economy, your elected officials, and about services or amenities that are lacking in or near your neighborhood? Well… when are you going to stop complaining and do something about it? Would you like to help make your neighborhood is a more vibrant, healthy and safe place to live? Your voice and talent can make a difference – and, will make for a better quality of life for all. Join Us! Become a LocalBlox Ambassador.

Keep Neighbors Involved and “In the Know”
Love it, or hate it, what is known as social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Pandora, LinkedIn, Twitter, and LocalBlox, have penetrated your neighborhood, and are here to stay. These mediums will move a gigantic amount of interpersonal communication, information, and commerce every day! Are you satisfied with checking out, or being left out the loop both in your community and the world around you? If not, then, being a LocalBlox Ambassador is perfect for you! You will love meeting your neighbors and discussing the events, issues, and resources that are having the most impact on your immediate living environment. If something needs to be addressed, you have the perfect platform to involve the whole community and get it resolved.

Help Local Non-Profits
Wouldn’t it be nice to help your favorite charity, too? As a LocalBlox Ambassador, you can! When local businesses advertise with LocalBlox, 1% of every dollar they spend is donated to the local non-profit organizations you promote. The charities will love you for helping them bring in a few extra dollars in a tough economy and you will feel great about giving back.

LocalBlox is What YOU Make of It
Your LocalBlox community is as dynamic as you are. The more positive involvement you create, the more vibrant your community will be. From online discussions about current topics, to local government information, to merchant coupons and discounts, LocalBlox is THE place to share the happenings in YOUR neighborhood.

Want to Make Money from LocalBlox?
Yes, you can! When you join as a LocalBlox Affiliate, you can earn a commission from the local ads sold. It’s a great way to both learn and become known in your community, while making a few dollars too! Whether you just moved in or have been in the neighborhood for years, now is your chance to make a difference and your community a better place. Say it, I Am a LocalBlox Ambassador! Now – Didn’t that sound good? Come on – Join Us!

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