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How do you define a neighborhood?
The wonderful thing about neighborhoods is that no two are alike. Some are recognized by a prominent landmark while others are known for a common heritage. At LocalBlox, we define the boundaries of each neighborhood according to data endorsed by leading real estate companies across the country. You can describe what it means to be a member of your neighborhood any way you like.
My neighborhood is not listed. Can it be added?
Yes. The site includes up to 50,000 neighborhoods across the United States and the globe. Search for yours, and if it is not there please add it.
How do I invite my neighbors to join LocalBlox?
Just click on the “Invite Friends” button on the upper-right portion of the home page and input their email addresses. If you log in with Facebook Connect, the Invite Friends button will open up Facebook and you simply select the friends you want to invite.
Why use LocalBox?
  • Discover your neighbors, Learn about a neighborhood, its residents and social vitality. Invite friends to the neighborhood. Know your neighbors from their social media profiles.
  • Explore what the neighbors say and like about the neighborhood. Connect & share with your neighbors (Neighborhood Wall, Neighborhood Ambassador).
  • Find out what’s going on around your neighborhood (events & announcements, news feed, neighborhood watch).
  • Neighborhood News Feed based on Resident activities, Neighborhood watch & alert.
  • Pet Alert : Is your Cat missing? Ask your Neighbors! Find out the neighbors and their children that your kid is playing with
  • Nearby amenities and services: Find out your neighbors’ recommendation. Rate goods and services around the hood.
  • Engage in social vitality around your neighborhood
  • Find a job close to home: babysitter, dog-walker, stylist, landscaper
  • Check nearby public transit stops
I see items in the Amenities section that are not in my neighborhood. Is it possible to add, edit or delete amenities in my neighborhood?
The site contains data collected from various sources on the Internet. Members can “like” any amenity to vote it up on their neighborhood list or “bury” it to vote it down.
What is a Neighborhood Ambassador?
Neighborhood Ambassadors are active members of their community who take pride in their neighborhood and enjoy helping others learn more about it. Any active community member may become a Neighborhood Ambassador. Simply write a short description sharing what you love about your neighborhood, and invite three friends from your neighborhood to join LocalBlox and endorse what you have written. Ambassadors help manage the online image of their neighborhood by promoting discussions about important community issues, contributing local event information, posting photos and encouraging every resident to become a member of the online neighborhood, help improve home values in the neighborhood.


What makes LocalBlox a better value than its competition?
  • LocalBlox enables small businesses to raise their awareness and engage directly with the local customers on which their success or failure depends.
  • LocalBlox empowers small businesses to engage their customers online just as they are turning away from traditional sources and using the Internet more often to find information about local goods and services.
  • A green alternative to direct mail. No more junk mail advertising. LocalBlox web will facilitate reach through online social media. Cost-efficient way to reach local customers.
  • LocalBlox enables small businesses to deliver their ad directly to a customer’s mobile phone just as they are traveling nearby. Let’s say John is walking on the streets of Soho neighborhood in New York. If browses a mobile site on his iPhone or uses an iPhone app, he will get notified about special promotion being run by a local departmental store or a beacon from a restaurant in Soho that’s participating in the ‘Dine in New York’ event.
  • LocalBlox is a social network that empowers its members to contribute and edit information about their neighborhood. Websites featuring such user-generated content enjoy greater credibility and more return visits – and so will your business.
  • LocalBlox advertisers earn goodwill by helping to build stronger neighborhoods.
  • Targeted reach. A local business ie a landscaping company, a local grocery or a local departmental store caters to some certain neighborhoods. Ads in Google is not targeted and inefficient for businesses of this nature. LocalBlox helps small businesses reach neighborhood residents directly
  • Be a Good Neighbor and be recognized for supporting your local community
  • LocalBlox will donate up to 5% of every dollar you spend on its advertising to the local charity
My small business has never advertised online before. How do I get started?
  • Simple and Self explanatory. Follow the ‘Advertise’ menu item on localBlox.
  • Your LocalBlox Neighborhood Manager can help you develop, place and monitor the performance of your ads at no extra charge. After all, it’s in their best interest to make sure you succeed.