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Rewards Table - Cambridgeport At

You accomplish one of the following statuses based on points assimilated through activities on

 Ensign 0-15 points
 Lieutenant JG 15-30 points
 Lieutenant 15-30 points
 Lt. Commander 30-70 points
 Commander 30-70 points
 Captain 70-140 points
 Admiral 140-200 points
 Fleet Admiral 200+

How to earn points on :

Post an answer in a new neighborhood 7 points
Post a link in a new neighborhood 5 points
Post a love reason for a neighborhood you know 20 points
Post a Wall message in a neighborhood 7 points
Bury a local news / flag as inappropriate 3 points
Post a comment on a local news 5 points
Like a local news 3 point
Post a comment on a neighborhood photo 5 points
Post a new neighborhood photo 7 points
Post a new neighborhood question 7 points
Add a neighborhood resource / amenity 7 points
Post a neighborhood video 7 points
Bury / Flag a Wall message as inappropriate 3 points
Post a comment against a Wall comment 5 point
Like a Wall message 3 points
Bury an amenity as inappropriate 3 points
Comment on a neighborhood amenity / resource 5 points
Like a neighborhood amenity / resource 3 points
Bury / Flag a neighborhood event as inappropriate 3 points
Like a neighborhood event 3 points
Post a new Ad in a neighborhood 7 point
Post a new local event 7 points
Post a new neighborhood job 7 points
Invite each person per event 3 points
Invite each friend to LocalBlox through Invite Friends button 2 points
Share LocalBlox in each social media through Share button 4 points