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Common Questions (FAQ):
Where will my ads show up?
LocalBlox Ads advertisements will be shown to LocalBlox members on the website and the LocalBlox Audience Network. Your advertisements may show in any of the ad placements on the site, including the medium rectangle advertisement on LocalBlox profile pages and the LocalBlox home page.
What words can I put in my ad?
All LocalBlox Ads advertisements must strictly adhere to the LocalBlox Advertising Guidelines. If you are not certain if a word or phrase would be construed as violating one or more of the guidelines, chances are it would. Remember, LocalBlox is a community of neighbors and businesses, not a place to spam members with inappropriate content. Use LocalBlox Ads accordingly.
What is the Profile Link?
The "Profile Link" is a hyperlink that will appear on the LocalBlox Ads advertisement when it is posted. Based on your preferences, it will either link to your personal LocalBlox Profile or to the Company Profile.
Will my ad look exactly like the preview?
While the preview of your advertisement that is shown is representative of how your ad will actually look on the site, the exact display (color, layout, etc.) may differ slightly. While the text of your ad will show as you have entered it, LocalBlox will often modify the visual treatment (colors, font, etc.) to optimize the performance of your ad and its experience for our members.
What are some suggestions for writing my ad?
In general, the most effective advertisements are:
  • Descriptive and clear in explaining your product or service.
  • Grammatically correct.
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